CNN-Russia shows off new Covid-19 vaccine factory even as its people hesitate to get the shot

EXCLUSIVE by Zahra Ullah and Matthew Chance, CNN

Updated 4:00 PM ET, Tue February 23, 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin has yet to receive the vaccine.

Volginsky, Russia (CNN)Decades ago, Soviet scientists researched biological weapons at a site in Volginsky, about 70 miles east of Moscow. Now, that site is being used to mass-produce a vaccine aimed at protecting people around the world from the coronavirus.

CNN gained exclusive access to the facility, now home to Generium Pharmaceutical, which has been contracted to scale up production of the Russian vaccine against Covid-19, Sputnik V.

The vast high-tech complex is one of seven new production centers across the country.

Vials of vaccine are packed at the Generium Pharmaceutical plant, which is gearing up production of Sputnik V.

Every step in the production process had to be carefully designed and calibrated, including vast water filtration systems, to mass-produce the brand-new vaccine.

“In principle, the process of manufacturing was known on a small, lab-scale, but making it on a large industrial scale is another universe,” Dmitry Poteryaev, chief science officer at Generium told CNN.

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Commentaire: Compte tenu de la difficulte d’approvisionnement du Canada pour ses vaccins Covid-19 provenant de l’UE(Belgique), la longue amitie Canado-Russie pourrait etre une alternative songee… de meme que la longue amitie historique Canada-Chine… bon… ok… des difficultes philosophiques ca se reglent parfois….

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