CNN 96-year-old woman who fled Nazi war crimes trial is found

By CNN’s Nadine Schmidt and Alex Carey

Updated 10:02 AM ET, Thu September 30, 2021

A judicial officer at the court room in Itzehoe looks at his watch before the trial of a 96-year-old former secretary at the Stutthof concentration camp was due to start.

(CNN) – A 96-year-old German woman who fled on Thursday before standing trial on charges of aiding and abetting murder in a Nazi concentration camp has been found by local authorities and will be brought before the court.

“The woman has been located by German police,” Frederike Milhoffer, spokesperson at the court in Itzehoe, told CNN by phone, adding that, “local authorities are now assessing whether she is able to serve a prison sentence.”

The trial of the former secretary, named by Reuters as Irmgard Furchner, was set to start on Thursday. The woman is “suspected of having aided and abetted 11,387 cases of murder,” according to a court indictment.

The defendant was a stenographer and typist in the commandant’s office at the concentration camp in Stutthof, near what is now the Polish city of Gdansk. She is alleged to have assisted those in charge of the camp in the systematic killing of prisoners between June 1943 and April 1945, the indictment reads.

Furchner faces trial before a Juvenile Court Chamber because she was an adolescent at the time of the alleged offenses. She is one of the first women to go on trial in decades for alleged crimes during the Nazi-era.

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Commentaire: Il est evident que dans cet affaire, les crimes contre l’humanite sont imprescriptibles. Et, meme si les fautes presumees que l’accusation sont en fait des accusations de complicite, meme apres 75 ans, la justice continue son travail d’eclairer la verite. Contrairement au Canada, qui veut tourner la page, faire comme si cela n’avais jamais eu lieu, qu’il n’y a personne de coupable, sauf des generalites, comme le pays, l’Eglise, etc…et en passant appeler l’Eglise d’etre Responsable c’est un peu absurde… c’est au tribunaux a etablir la verite sur les Responsabilites des evenements entourant les enfants autochtones decedes, enleves… Tout le Reste ne Sera que du Spectacle, du Show Business pour Bonnes Consciences Aveugles.

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