The president also directed the Defense Department to study how and when to require members of the military to get the shots. BREAKING NEWS Here’s what you need to know: Biden announces federal workers must be vaccinated or face regular tests. The Biden administration wants states and cities to payContinue Reading

le Quotidien du Peuple en ligne | 28.07.2021 10h27 Récemment, trois rares anserelles de Coromandel ont été découvertes dans la zone humide de la réserve naturelle provinciale de Beihai à Tengchong, dans la province du Yunnan, (sud-ouest de la Chine). L’anserelle de Coromandel, l’un des animaux bénéficiant d’une protection nationaleContinue Reading

Le Xinjang: La Vraie raison de l’Hostilite Canadienne! Le Xinjang produirait plus d’electricite verte que le Canada, et ca, c’est pas correct… La question Y-a-t-il seulement 2 pays qui compte? Les autres etant des decus et des jaloux? Riche en ressources éoliennes et solaires, le Xinjiang facilite les efforts deContinue Reading

Source: Xinhua| 2021-06-04 19:19:53|Editor: huaxia Bill Gates delivered a video speech during the Pujiang Innovation Forum held in Shanghai on Thursday, saying that what China has achieved for the health and wellbeing of its own people, and for people around the world, has been inspiring. Produced by Xinhua Global ServiceContinue Reading

David Leonhardt In today’s edition of the Morning newsletter, David Leonhardt offers a guide to the newly revived debate over the idea that the coronavirus accidentally leaked from a Chinese laboratory. He writes: What are the basics? The origin of the virus remains unclear. Many scientists have long believed thatContinue Reading