Quand le nouveau President-elu sera-il determine?

Une question interessante. Les Etats-Unis ont un systeme electoral particulier, le President n’est pas elu au suffrage universel. Cependant le scrutin permet d’elire des Grands electeurs(College electoral) qui decidera lors d’un vote qui sera le prochain presisent des Etats-Unis, d’ou la necessite d’obtenir 270 et + de Grands electeurs. Mais pour en savoir plus, l’article qui suit est tres interessant. La maniere dont le President est choisi est un peu inusite. Cependant, cela a le merite d’etablir une sorte de representation porpotionnelle et evite que le President ne soit le President de 3, 4 ou 5 grands et populeux etats. Evidemment, les quelques 538 grands electeurs et plus, ce n’est pas autant que les 3000-5000 delegues du Parti Communistes Chinois qui choisissent leur President lors de leur congres… mais la democratie, ca peut evoluer pour plus de representativite! Le taux de representativite est d’environ 500,000 electeurs/grand electeur alors qu’en Chine, ce taux de representativite est d’environ 350000 electeurs/delegue.

Mother Jones: When Will the 2020 Election Finally Be Over? Here Are Key Dates to Watch

David Corn

David Corn
Washington, DC, Bureau ChieF

Election workers in Fulton County during a recount of ballots in Atlanta.Hyosub Shin/ZUMA

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“It ain’t over ’til it’s over,” once quipped Yogi Berra, the ever-quotable baseball icon. But when the hell will the 2020 election be done? In one way, it is finished. The race was called for Joe Biden. He won the popular vote by 51 to 47 percent and trounced Donald Trump in the Electoral College 306 to 232. Yet Trump and his cult are denying reality and dragging out the process. As Trump touts one conspiracy theory after another in falsely declaring the election was stolen from him, his legal team (if you can call it that) now led by the maniacal Rudy Giuliani has been filing bogus lawsuits to challenge the results, and the Trump campaign has been demanding recounts in key states. The new tallies are unlikely to change anything, and as of now Trump has a 1-and-25 record on the lawsuits. (That’s one minor win and 25 losses.) But all this is undermining the election and fostering discord and anxiety.

There appears no means for Trump to legitimately overturn the vote counts. Yet he is doing whatever he can to delegitimize an election that cast him a loser of historic proportion. (No American politician has ever had more people vote against him.) And he and his henchmen are sowing suspicion, as they attempt to forge the baseless and dangerous narrative that Trump (and his voters) were robbed. At the same time, they seem to hope that some against-all-odds play could change the ending of this drawn-out drama. On Tuesday night, for instance, two Republican officials in Michigan initially blocked the certification of votes in Detroit

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