2021: Nouvelle Administration Americaine Acte 1 / New American Administration Act 1

“We will learn, build, uplift and advance together. 💜 Happy new year”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

C’est un plaisir! It is a pleasure!

Habituellement, en debut d’annee, apres les quelques heures de repos pour la fatigue accumulee durant les festivites de Noel, le retour a la realite froide, parfois cruelle, revient peu a peu. Et, cela commence par l’obligation de faire face aux remboursements des soldes des cartes de credit… et oui, les agents economiques depensent souvent trop et malheureusement s’endettent lourdement durant les derniers jours de l’annee.

Puis suivra, du moins au Canada, la periode de production des declarations fiscales qui commence vers la mi-fevrier… etc… Tout ca a l’Epoque de la Crise du Covid-19! Et le vaccin qui existe mais dont on doit attendre 3, 4, 6 ou meme 9 mois avant de se faire vacciner… C’est desesperant et il faut trouver en nous la Force de briser ce cycle depressif annuel et danx ceux et celles qui partagent cette ambition de changer, changer vraiement, le monde en ruine qui est le lot commun de l’humanite.


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Usually, at the beginning of the year, after the few hours of rest for the fatigue accumulated during the Christmas festivities, the return to cold, sometimes cruel reality, gradually returns. And, it starts with the obligation to face the repayments of the balances of the credit cards … and yes, the economic agents often spend too much and unfortunately go into heavy debt during the last days of the year.

Then will follow, at least in Canada, the period production of tax returns which begins around mid-February … etc … All of it in the era of the Covid-19 Crisis! And the vaccine that exists but which we must wait 3, 4, 6 or even 9 months before being vaccinated … It is hopeless and we must find in us the Strength to break this annual depressive cycle and in those and those who share this ambition to change, truly change, the ruined world which is the common lot of humanity.

Une belle journee neigeuse… A beautiful snowy day…

KODAK Digital Still Camera 02-01-2021

C’est la lecon… de cette grande Toile…

The Soul of Jessica Jones I, II, III / Welcome in The Fletcher Memorial Home (voir Onglet TOILES du MENU sur ce site.


Mais auparavant, il reste quelques elections a venir ces prochains jours
en Georgie.

CNN-Young people are getting out the vote in Georgia — from thousands of miles away

By Rachel Janfaza, CNN

Updated 6:01 AM ET, Thu December 31, 2020

Washington, DC (CNN)From messaging potential voters on dating apps to helping pay for Uber rides to the polls, young people across the country are playing a role in the Georgia Senate runoff elections from afar, and they’re getting creative with digital techniques while doing so.

Youth turnout was high across the country on Election Day and national organizers are hoping to re-energize young voters ahead of the crucial Georgia elections that will determine which party controls the US Senate.

Students, influencers and celebrities got to work as soon as they realized both of Georgia’s Senate seats were heading to runoffs on January 5, as no candidate won more than 50% of the vote in November.

With just five days to go until the contests, young people across the country continue to contact voters in Georgia.

On the left, Students for Ossoff and Warnock, a youth-led organization unaffiliated with the Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock campaigns but working to drum up support for the Democratic candidates, has mobilized a group of national field organizers, who live out of state but work to turn out voters for the two Georgia Democrats. They organize digitally by hosting Zoom calls and phone banks and help run the organization’s viral TikTok account.

Lire la Suite / Voir le video

It’s so hard to say Goodbye!!!

Maybe Republicans shall follow the course “How to close an administration, how to close a project?”
(Project Management Institute Book of Knowledge for further information)

Et, ici j’hesite un peu sur le choix du clip le plus interessant, le plus pertinent entre les 2 suivants:

Tiens… pour …

Ils sont prets, je pense… Hello!

Mesdames, Monsieur, soyez a l’aise, bienvenue dans cette nouvelle annee, bienvenue sur ce site web! / Ladies and Gentlemen, feel at ease, welcome to the new year, welcome to this website!

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